My One Word - Obedience

With the start of the new year, do you make new year’s resolutions? For many years, I would choose a behavior I wanted to change and vow to reverse it. Inevitably, these “resolutions” would be off my radar by February.  Can you relate?  

Last year when I started my blog, I decided to try something a little different and move myself beyond the new year’s resolution cycle and pick one word - a word to create a vision for my future. A word to mediate on and be a common thread through my days. To see my one word for 2018, click here

Thinking over my one word for 2019, I kept coming back to “obedience.” I know what you are thinking... obedience?! Why would one pick that to mediate on for the new year? Truth be told, I was praying about my one word and it just kept coming up. I found myself wrestling with God in my prayers obedience can't be right - it isn't a "feel good" word. It isn't even on most of the "Word of the Year" lists I saw on Pinterest. Ahem.

I pressed in though and His voice only became more clear - obedience.  

  • an act or instance of obeying
  • the quality or state of being obedient


    I'm a Type A personality, always planning and making lists. I love writing down goals and working to achieve them. I've found though that often times, I forget to slow down long enough to truly hear from God...especially in daily life. 

    "Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21 NIV 

    This year, I want to be obedient to God. To mark this moment by declaring my trust in Him. To stop trying to make sense of things that make no sense in the middle of the journey. 

    Obedience truly is the daily practice of trusting God. 


    Have you ever selected a word for inspiration for the new year to come? If not, I invite you to join me.  I would love to hear the word you have selected in the comments below. 

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!



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