About Us

Maison de Mings is a lifestyle brand founded by Mat and Amy Mings in 2016. After spending years traveling the globe, the couple decided to combine their passion for the timeless elegance of the Cote d'Azure with the rugged simplicity of rural America. Maison's mission is to bring its classic, heritage inspired handmade pieces to the heartland of America; and its vision is to inspire others to make memories of a life well lived, and to share those memories with their friends and family.

Mat Mings is the craftsman behind Maison’s collections. Growing up on a farm miles from anywhere taught Mat the value of hard work early; and his time spent traveling the world gave him a unique perspective on what makes a piece special. Time in the south of France was particularly critical to Mat’s sense of style and design, and each of his creations recalls both the well-worn aesthetic of the Cote d’Azur and the boundless optimism of the American Dream.

Amy Mings is the designer and creative force behind Maison's designs. An accountant by training, Amy's keen eye for detail and unique ability to bring order and lightness to any space allows Maison to truly maximize the space in which it works. After spending time in Provence for her wedding and honeymoon, Amy developed a deep and abiding passion for the area, and France generally, and uses those affections to form the basis of her designs.