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We offer a variety of handmade items for your home.

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Maison de Mings participates in various vintage markets throughout the year. Stay tuned for announcement of 2018 schedule!


Maison de Mings is a retailer of Jeanne d'Arc Living vintage paint and accessories.

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Why we love Fanimation

Why we love Fanimation

Do you consider fixtures as part of you renovation projects? We recently renovated our breezeway and while the fans in the space where functional, they just didn't fit the space any longer.
Decor Capsule How-To

Decor Capsule How-To

With each move, I found the need to purge and minimize as much “stuff” as possible. This has included everything from clothes to home decor. When things have been stored for more than a year, you pretty much know you can live without it. 
DIY Laundry Room Open Shelving

DIY Laundry Room Open Shelving

When we were renovating our small laundry area, I decided to remove the existing cabinets. I hated to lose the cabinet storage, but it really opened up the laundry area.