Vintage Inspired Patriotic Decor

Happy Memorial Day! We are so blessed to live in America - I hope we will always remember and honor those who have gone before us and those who continue to fight for our country and freedom. Did you know our tag ling is "American Heritage, Provencal Elegance?" We are so proud of our heritage and both Mat and I have had several family members fight for our country over the years. 

In Southern Illinois, it feels like summer is officially here! The afternoons are warm and we love ending our days on our patio. It is a gathering place for meals and the soft glow of the twinkling lights helps us all relax.  This year I wanted to add some vintage inspired patriotic decor to our outdoor space. While we didn't host a Memorial Day party this year, we do hope to have a small 4th of July get together. 

I kept our decor simple for Memorial Day so it would easily transition to July. I found a tea stained American flag bunting on Amazon which inspired the rest of the space. Kimberly ferns and twinkle lights are also a summer decor staple. 

Our covered patio looks out to our pasture and is one of our favorite places to be. I added an umbrella for a bit of cozy ambiance and always opt for wrought iron furniture. Most of ours is vintage and spray painted to fit our style. 

Since we eat outside as much as we can, I like to use an outdoor tablecloth. This blue gingham one is perfect all summer long and complements my patriotic decor perfectly.

DIY TIP: I've often been asked how we have a tablecloth with an umbrella. I simply cut a small hole in the center for the umbrella- not the most professional method, but it works :)

Another easy DIY to incorporate vintage inspired patriotic decor is to add small American flags. You can add them to ferns, fresh bouquets or even as a centerpiece. I tea stained ours to give them a vintage vibe. Most home decor and home improvement stores offer these little flags which can be found for under $1/ea. Definitely a budget friendly option with minimal storage required!  

Another tip for patriotic decor decorating is to look for red, white and blue condiments and snacks if you are hosting a party. Glass Coke bottles would look perfect on ice in a pretty bowl or bucket. As shown below, I purposefully added raspberry jam to our appetizer. With a little planning, your menu can pair perfectly with your outdoor space and help pull your party together. 

I hope that gives you a few ideas for hosting a small party and decorating your outdoor space with patriotic decor. Weather in Southern Illinois can be a little unpredictable and I love how the decor items I shared can be easily taken down in case of a pop up shower or wind storm. 

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  • Oh my word I am thrilled to find a designer with my last name! Your style is simply gorgeous 🙌🏻

    Valerie Mings

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