Transitional Summer Tablescape

I'm all about decorating on a budget! To do so, one of my best tips is to bring the outdoors inside. These stunning hydrangeas are from our garden!! Even if you don't have an established flower garden, look for elements you can bring in or ask a neighbor if you can clip a few of their flowering branches. I've found that no matter the season this really brings a tablescape to life. Flowers, branches, pine cones, pumpkins... you name it! 

These hydrangeas in a soft palette are some of my favorites though. I'm planning to dry them too so they will transition right into Fall. 

Another tip is to create a "décor capsule" - which is basically decor items that you use as a base each season and can build on.  I'm not a fan of having plates for every holiday/season. I don't like to keep cloth napkins around in every color. I'm also not one who changes out my decor each month. 

Why you ask?

  1. I don't have the storage room
  2. I don't want to spend the money
  3. I've learned that less is more and it's best to invest in quality 

So what kind of tablescape items do I invest in to create a timeless, cohesive feel?

1. Quality dinnerware 

Dinnerware by Denby USA is one of my favorites. Their natural canvas line works for any occasion and is beautiful! Their pieces are made in England and hand-crafted by skilled artisans. This line is one I know I'll use forever and pass on to my girls someday. 

2. Linens

The linen tablerunner is by LINUM and the linen napkins are by MagicLinen. I love both and know I'll use for years to come. The texture of the linen creates interest, but they are durable and wash easily. 

3. Natural Elements 

We've already discussed bringing nature inside, but it's worth repeating. It completes any tablescape and always ties the space together. 

I hope you found these tips helpful. I love updating our tablescape, but like to do it on a budget. I used items I already had in my decor capsule and my hydrangeas were from our garden so this new look didn't cost anything! 

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog and following along on our journey.



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