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Over the summer months, we are always looking for ways to get our girls outside. They had been begging for a trampoline and we loved the idea of them getting exercise while having fun. Since the girls are still young, we really wanted a trampoline with a safety net though and curved bar to prevent injuries. We went with a 12ft JUMPZYLLA trampoline in black and couldn't be happier with our purchase! 

JUMPZYLLA trampolines are child safety certified and have curved poles for safety.

Their products are also powder coated which makes them resistant to rust. With warm summer days, our girls love going back and forth between our pool and their new trampoline. For extra fun, we also hook up their unicorn sprinkler so they can stay cool while they jump. They can bounce for hours and we constantly have to remind them to drink plenty of water. They LOVE the trampoline so much they have even asked to have their lunch on it!

If you are purchasing a trampoline, I would HIGHLY encourage you to also add some stakes to anchor the trampoline to the ground. 

Trampoline Stakes

 Initially, we made the mistake of not anchoring and our trampoline took flight across our field. Here you can see how my husband secured the trampoline. This is such an important step if you purchase a trampoline!

Both the JUMPZYLLA trampoline and stakes are Amazon Choice items - check them out while the Prime Day Deals are going on! The trampoline has been fun for the entire family - even the farm animals enjoy watching the girls jump nearby! :)

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