Small Shop Love: Laurel Keller Designs

Any one else love shopping small and supporting small businesses? I've always loved shopping small, but being a business owner myself now has made me even more aware of the hard work that goes into developing a successful business. Many small business owners are the maker, photographer, accountant, marketer, etc. They were ALL the hats. 

As a way to give back, I plan to start sharing some of my favorite makers! This week, I am so thrilled to share my friend Laurel with you from Laurel Keller Designs. She is a talented hand-letter who loves the Lord. 

Here’s one of my favorite products from her shop right now.

Joshua 24:15 Tea Towel

 Click here to visit Laurel's Etsy shop.  

I asked Laurel to share a bit of her story and how she has developed her small business. I love her words below about how she was inspired by Joshua 24:15. 

 “My heart behind my printed products is to explain the deeper story and context behind the verses. I think there are a lot of times that we buy something that has a Bible verse on it and just look at the verse instead of really digging in to see the context and how it fits into the chapter, book or even the overall story of scripture. My desire with my products is to make sure that people realize that it goes deeper than decor. For the verse in Joshua 24 here is what I wrote to go along with the tea towel:

Why Joshua 24:15? 

Joshua 24 recounts all the ways God led the Israelites into the promised land and all the ways He was faithful to them in the wilderness. Joshua commanded the people to choose to worship God instead of the false gods of the Canaanites, who lived in the land they had conquered.

While we may not struggle with worshipping literal statues and idols today, our hearts are not always faithful to God. Sin creeps slowly into our hearts and minds, and before we realize it, we have begun to worship something other than the one true God.

May we let Joshua’s declaration in verse 15 be the cry of our hearts: “We will serve the Lord.” This simple statement is a reminder that, though the battle with sin has been won through Christ, we still fight for holiness every day. Let us choose to serve God whole-heartedly with our lives until He calls us home.”

AMAZING right?? I just love her words and heart behind her business. If you aren’t already, head on over and follow her on Instagram at @laurelkellerdesigns. I know you’ll love her as much as I do. 

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog and supporting this dream of mine and allowing me to share about other makers. 



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