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Do you have a favorite item to collect or love vintage? I'm always looking for unique items for my home and when I found Living Soul Pottery on Etsy, I was fascinated by Wyatt's work! Over the years, I have been blessed to collaborate with Wyatt and add several of his original pieces to my collection. Not only is his pottery unique and beautiful, it is durable. We use Wyatt’s pieces in variety of ways. This time of year, I love adding a faux Christmas tree or a fresh bouquet to his vessels. Shown below is one of his vintage-inspired French confit pots! Shop a similar look here

My newest favorite is Wyatt’s stoneware. This is his Missouri Layered Limestone vessel. Use code “MING20” for 20% off his shop! 

Another favorite of mine are the English dairy slabs! See “Butter” “Chocolat” and “Fromage” below. 

Originally, English dairy slabs were used by grocery stores and markets during the late 1800's to early 1900's to display dairy products (margarine, butter, lard, meats, cheese, etc.) The ironstone slab helped keep products cool. Original pieces are quite collectible and expensive...not to mention nearly impossible to find! 

As Wyatt, the maker behind Living Soul Pottery, explained to me, even antique dealers have had difficulty sourcing originals. He was approached several years ago by a French antique dealer from Houston to make reproduction dairy slabs for him. There is no question why the French antique dealer sought out Wyatt and his expertise. Wyatt fell in love with pottery nearly 45 years ago and has been honing his skills since then.  

The reproduction dairy slabs by Living Soul Pottery are perfect for entertaining and quite a conversation piece. They also pair well with my ironstone and French vintage collections.

 Wyatt’s K Bowls are another favorite! 

Most of all, I love Wyatt's heart behind his business. 

He shares, "My business name “Living Soul Pottery” came from Genesis 2:7 where it reads, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” 

I love sharing small shops and featuring makers and Wyatt is certainly talented and called to create! He has embraced history and offers such a quality product. 

"I believe we are each an individual unique creation of God, and in the same way we are special and handmade, so each piece of pottery I make is as well.  I use this Bible reference regularly when I teach my students.  In the beginning when God created the earth everything was without form and void (Genesis 1:1).   In a similar way that God created His whole Creation, so we as clay artists start with just a lump of clay that is without form and void.  Man has been gifted by God with the creative ability to create something from nothing." - Wyatt Schultz

  I hope you will visit Wyatt's Etsy and Facebook accounts. He is a true artist!


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