Refresh Your Walls Today

Are you getting ready to tackle a paint project or thinking about changing the color of your walls? Let me tell you about a new product that has literally changed the way I paint.... the HomeRight Paintstick EZ-Twist Applicator! 

Many of you know we completely renovated our home last Spring and gave nearly everything a fresh coat of paint. Oh how I wish we would have discovered the Paintstick then!  

We only have a few closets left to paint and tonight I decided to try out my new Paintstick. The crawlspace access is at the bottom and it needed a thorough cleaning before we could start. Here's the before:

I was so excited to try my new HomeRight Paintstick and I have to say, it was even easier to use than I anticipated. 

Here is my husband reloading the paint. We both had to try it out! :) 

I vividly remember MANY nights spent painting last Spring. Compared to a regular roller, here are my first impressions of the HomeRight Paintstick EZ-Twist Applicator! 

1. Easy to assemble and apply paint

2. No paint backsplash 

3. No constant re-application of paint to your roller

4. No waste 

If you've been looking to paint or renovate a space, I'm sure you know that for good paint the cost can add up pretty quickly. My favorite feature of the Paintstick is that there is NO WASTE. You simply twist the paint into the roller and apply. This allows you to make several passes on a wall without re-loading more paint. With the standard roller, I nearly broke my back painting our rooms. I constantly had to re-load paint onto my rollers and it was so messy. With the Paintstick, you don't even have to use a paint tray. Can you believe that? There is truly - NO WASTE!! With an accounting background, I'm all about improving processes and efficiency. This product does both.

Below is the after of our space:

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. As a DIY'er - I highly recommend this product. It's one of those that is so good...I've already been texting friends and family about it.

For more behind the scenes and video content, check out the saved stories on our Instagram account @maisondemings or click here. Special thank you to HomeRight for collaborating and helping us with our closet makeover!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog and following along on our renovation journey.



This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.  


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