Pretty Pie for Valentine’s Day

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Do you love making pies and want to add a few extra "jolis détails (pretty details)?" I've been making pretty pies with my girls for as long as I can remember. When they were toddlers I just gave them dough to squish and play with, but now they can roll the dough and cut out their own shapes. It gets a little messy, but they always get so excited to help.

With each season, we change our pies up a little bit with using different types of plungers and cutters. For Valentine's Day, we used a heart shaped cookie cutter and a leaf cookie plunger.

MOM HACK: Cut up a few extra apples for your kids. Our girls love them with cinnamon and a little bit of sugar.  While they work with their dough and munch on apples, I have just enough time to design my own pie :) 

For this season, we made "mommy+me" pies. I gave the girls their own dish and they loved designing the top of their mini-apple pie. 

We like to keep things pretty simple with pre-made dough, but each time we cut out our shapes, we put it back into a ball and roll it back out so there is no waste. If you are looking for an excellent mixing bowl for baking - I would highly recommend this one (as shown below) from Sertodo Copper. 

We usually make an apple, but you could make any type of pie pretty. I always just make sure the apples are cut uniform and create a flat surface for design.

The cooking cutters and plungers make things easy, but you can get as creative as you want with braids and overall design. This was my first time using this vintage copper pie pan, but it worked great as well. 

Here was the final look before it went into the oven. When baking, I have a few tips:

  1. Consider putting your pie in a brown paper bag. So long as the bag isn't touching the sides of the oven - it won't burn :) 
  2. If you don't have a brown paper bag, you can also place aluminum foil over the top of your pie to prevent burning. 
  3. Another option is to cook the cutouts separately on a baking sheet and add them to the pie after everything has finished baking. 

Here was the finished pie just before serving. I didn't have a brown paper bag on hand this time, so I used aluminum foil which worked just fine. 

This is such an easy way to add a little something extra to your dessert. I would love to see if you end up making one for Valentine's Day or another holiday. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @maisondemings. 

As always, thank you for following along. I hope this inspires you to try making your own "pretty pie" and to get your kids or grandkids involved too! 




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  • Love that pie dish! And the pie itself looks wonderful too.


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