Ooni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Review

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

You guys!! I've been dying to share the full review of our Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven! We have been using it for a few weeks now and I can honestly say it has greatly exceeded our expectations.
My husband is not typically one to get excited about "happy mail," but this was different. He was literally tracking it's ETA and prepared the dough a few days before so we could test it out as soon as it arrived. 

The day it arrived it had been raining, but that didn't stop my husband! In the rain, he set it up and made us homemade cheese bread  - AMAZING! 

We've tried several different pizza combinations and these have been our favorites so far:

Standard Pepperoni 

Smoked Chicken & Aioli with Asparagus

Pepperoni & Hamberger 

We keep the pizza oven on our back patio and take inside after each use. 

It's stainless steel and blends well with our decor ;) 

Ooni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Review 

  1. FAST - This oven can reach temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 minutes and can cook wood-fired pizza in 60 seconds.  If you are like us and have little ones, I would recommend taking necessary precautions to keep them away from the oven while it is in use. You can never be too careful, you know? 

  2. EASY - Because the oven heats so quickly, it is ideal for entertaining with friends and family. My husband usually starts making the dough about 2 hours before we are ready so it has plenty of time to rise, but preparing our pizza's only takes about 5 minutes and literally a minute to bake. 

  3. DELICIOUS - If you've ever tried wood-fired pizza, I'm sure you know it has its own delicious flavor. I love how the Ooni is fired by wood pellets which contain no additives or binders, only real wood. In the past, we would always order pizza locally, but I LOVE that we can now make pizza better than any other restaurant we have tried.

  4. PORTABLE - Another amazing benefit is that this oven is portable. The chimney clips to the oven, allowing you to quickly remove it when you want to take it on the go. The Ooni also comes with a cordierite stone baking board and pizza peel. 

Overall, we are thrilled with the performance and quality of the Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. Our meals have been amazing and quite a family pleaser!

Images: Mat Mings

If you have a man in your life that loves gadgets or grilling, we would definitely recommend this product! It would make a perfect Father's Day gift! 

"The Ooni is amazing: I've done several types of pizza, fresh baguette, meat, and fresh vegetables over the past week. The even distribution of heat, and smoky flavor make cooking all manner of foods a breeze." - Mat Mings 

As always, thank you for stopping by the blog! We love family pizza night and were so glad to share our review of this product with you. 




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