Learning from Home

When we first moved into our home, this bonus room was used as a catchall and we later turned it into a workshop for Maison de Mings. Now, with COVID-19, we decided to make a few small updates to this creative space so our girls would have a quiet area to focus as they learn from home.


As a child, I spent hours playing school with my younger sister and teaching her letters on a chalkboard. I knew a chalkboard would be the perfect addition and something our girls would enjoy for years to come. I considered painting a large piece of plywood or looking for a real vintage chalkboard, but decided to just paint directly on the wall. It's only paint and we can always paint over it :) One afternoon, we took everything off this main wall and I free handed the rainbow with Jeanne d'Arc Living vintage paint. 

Just shifting decor around and adding the rainbow made such a difference in this space! I kept envisioning a schoolhouse green chalkboard in the middle of the rainbow though. I picked up a small can of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint from my local Home Depot. You can purchase the green finish or have your chalkboard paint mixed to schoolhouse green.If I am honest, I wasn't sure how this would apply to a wall, but I was willing to give it a try. I didn't prep the wall at all and applied the paint with a small roller. It took about 3 thin coats, but the finish came out smooth. I "seasoned" the wall with chalk (i.e. just rubbed chalk all over the green) and after that it took chalk writing perfectly and wiped clean with a dry rag. 

With the rainbow chalkboard wall being the focal point, we planned to add just a few other things to complete the space. I was fortunate to find two vintage school desks in excellent condition locally on Facebook Marketplace. We also got a vintage wall mounted pencil sharpener.


Mostly, we used things we had around the house to make this transition. We brought out a few of the girl’s favorite books, a globe and all their school supplies.

The girls love to draw and be creative and I know we will spend so much time out here as a family. Would you believe I've had this table and $2 thrift store chairs since college? A table cloth and chalk paint can go a long way! Almost all of our chairs in this room were recovered with drop cloth - an easy, inexpensive and durable fix. 

We also added a few new pieces of handmade inspirational art. The first was a print by my talented friend, Amy Kirk. I love this reminder! Amy is a kindergarten teacher and features her art daily on Instagram. In her Etsy shop, she also offers vinyl stickers, notecards, bookmarks and more! 

This handmade rainbow was embroidered on hand-dyed vintage repurposed linen by Kelleigh from Hills & Valley Studio. It pairs so well with the hand-drawn rainbow wall! To us, it represents new beginnings and God's faithfulness. 

One other easy DIY we added to the school room was this shelf for our Young Living essential oils. We like to diffuse oils often and I love that they are all visible now.

Consider using a piece of plywood and cutting to size to make your own DIY shelf. I used wrought iron brackets from Hobby Lobby to complete the look. This this easy DIY shelf would be perfect for a book wall, bathroom or even the dining room! I painted ours, but you could stain it as well. 

We love this new space! The girls even want to spend time out here on the weekends when they don’t have to be learning 😊 Due to COVID-19, we have ended up having our own Sunday school lessons in this room and I’ve been encouraging our girls to memorize Bible verses. It's amazing how a few small changes can transform a space. Paint always works wonders!


I hope this gives you some easy DIY ideas to try in your own home. If you have an empty wall, you could add our rainbow chalkboard. It would be the perfect addition to a child's room, playroom or even a basement. 

In this time, I know so many families are facing big decisions in regards to school. Please know, I am wishing you and your kids the best school year ever wherever that may be! You are strong and know what is best for your family! We've got this! :)

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! I love sharing new ideas with you! 

Meilleurs vœux (best wishes),


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