Laundry Room Makeover

Hi guys! Many of you know, but we purchased a house this spring and we have been in full renovation mode since we got possession. I'm so behind on blogging, but I promise to bring you a series of posts soon with before/after photos and all the details behind our renovations and DIY's. For now, I wanted to share one of our most recent projects with you - our Laundry Room Makeover.

I recently shared a behind the scenes in Instagram stories, but this room originally had laminate flooring, smoke-stained wall paper and a large cabinet that made the room feel very small. 

Lightening the space up and making it feel bigger was top on my list. Our first step was painting the ceiling. We used Simply White by Benjamin Moore in all our rooms and also for the trim and crown molding. To make the space appear bigger, we moved the large cabinet to our kitchen to use as a pantry. Eventually, I plan to add open shelving in this space.

Next, my husband removed the old laminate and installed new flooring from Home Depot (French Oak). We contemplated re-wallpapering this space, but in the end, I decided to go with a wood plank wall to coordinate with our ceilings in the kitchen. Initially, I thought this would be a really easy and quick process. While it was "easy" - it definitely wasn't quick.


We used underlayment plywood and my husband used a table saw to cut into 3" strips. Once all the pieces were cut to size, I used a nail gun and 1" brad nails to install. 

Depending on your time and budget, it may be worth checking to whether your local lumber store could cut the wood for you. Home Depot would only cut into 8" strips, but our local lumber store was willing to cut 3" planks and charge per rip. I lucked out with a handy hubby so most of ours we did ourselves.

I then primed and painted the wood planks with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. I'm amazed at the difference in the space and how much lighter and brighter it feels. To make the space flow with the rest of the house, I pulled decor I already had and added a new chandelier from IKEA that I will link here. 

The space feels so much more welcoming now and fits our style. Also - I loved the look of the wood plank walls so much, we are also installing in our 1/2 bath. 

I would love to hear your thoughts below. As always, thanks again for following along on our renovation journey! 




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  • Love this transformation!.. -It would be a pleasure to do laundry in this beautiful & bright laundry room!😊

    Lorena Stevens
  • I love this makeover! It is so beautifully light and bright! I love the idea of making the laundry room pretty.


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