Jumbo Pekin Ducklings (Meyer Hatchery)

We were so excited to partner with Meyer Hatchery to expand our hobby farm and add Jumbo Pekin ducklings to our family. It was our first time receiving poultry through USPS and we were pleasantly surprised how smooth it all went. Our local (small town) post office called early before opening and told us our ducks had arrived. 

We drove right down and opened the package to meet these sweet girls. We ordered 3 females so that we will someday soon have fresh eggs.

Before our ducklings arrived, I did some Pinterest research (the best kind, right?) and got some great tips for our DIY duck brooder.

Since ducklings love water, but are so messy, most research recommended having a reservoir for water to collect underneath their bowl or watering system. It also suggested keeping their food separate. We've only had our ducklings a few days, but those tips have been so helpful!!  Another tip we implemented was to utilize pine shavings and wood pellets (which basically turn into sawdust when wet) to help keep the brooder dry. 

Our girls love to interact with their new ducklings. They’re intelligent, fun and so enjoyable to watch. 

We have named them Olive, Charlotte and Lucy :) If you noticed the green band, that was from when they were sexed, but we recently removed. 

If you are considering adding a pet to your hobby farm, I would encourage you to research Pekin ducks! Ours are "jumbo" and will get up to around 12lbs. One of the most helpful blog posts I read about raising ducklings was from Creative Homemaking.

Overall, we couldn't be more thrilled with our new little ducklings. I would like to think they are adjusting to their new life with us and enjoying their daily excursions outside to explore. We all love to sit outside and watch them!

A final thought I'll leave with you is another helpful blog post by Anna from Salt in my Coffee. She shares all about how to raise friendly ducks. We have already started noticing how much just talking and hand feeding them helps. 

If you are considering a barnyard pet, I would also highly recommend checking out Meyer Hatchery! They offer small minimum orders, a 48-hour live and well guarantee, and a 100% gender accuracy guarantee. In my experience, they also have excellent customer service! 

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! I couldn't wait to share our new additions to the farm with you!  



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