Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge - Blog Post 5 "How to add French Charm to any Kitchen"

Have you ever wondered how to add some charm to your kitchen? Yes! Wonderful - this blog post is for you! Do you all even remember what our kitchen looked like before (click here to see). 

Throughout our kitchen renovation, my goal has been to create an inviting space with French charm.  I started with a design board to help visualize our project. Our design board not only helped us stay on track, but during the long renovation process, it also served as a daily reminder of our kitchen renovation goals.

Once we were through the major renovation updates, we entered into the phase of the project where we started adding finishing touches and charm. 

How to Add French Charm to any Kitchen: 

Incorporate Marble Tile - Adding marble tile made such a difference in our kitchen! My goal was to create a timeless French design that evoked the charm of an Old World pastry shop. This finishing touch added the perfect element of customization and we were so excited to work with Jeffrey Court. We selected Carrara 3 in. x 6 in. Honed Marble Wall Tile. For this project, we decided to outsource the work to our tile expert friend, Tim Green. He is a local professional who had assisted us with tile work in our master bathroom previously and we knew he would do an excellent job. We paired the tile with Polyblend #381 Bright White Non-Sanded Grout. We were so happy with the results of our tile project and our kitchen felt much more “finished.”   


Timeless Hardware - Since we had planned all along to paint our cabinets (as shown above), I knew we would need to also update the old porcelain knobs with something a bit more classic.  We selected with these oil rubbed bronze knobs.  An inexpensive way to add some French charm, in my opinion.            

 Cabinet Hardware Knob with Clear Glass  Oil Rubbed Bronze


Vintage Light Fixtures - To me - lighting is EVERYTHING. In the design process, I knew eventually we would want to add a chandelier in this space. I price shopped several new chandeliers made to look old, but never found one that I felt like fit our space. I checked Facebook Marketplace often and set alerts so I would be notified when anyone posted a “chandelier” for sale in our area. After many weeks, I finally found this gorgeous vintage chandelier on Facebook Marketplace for $25 - such a steal! It was in the next town only a few minutes away and I knew it would be perfect. It took a little DIY electrical engineering on my husband’s part to get it installed, but I love how it updated the look of this space! It just adds so much charm.  

Statement Island - If you have the space, I would highly recommend adding an island to add some warmth to your kitchen. We partnered with Osborne Wood Products and my husband built our custom island himself.  

We are also proud brand ambassadors for RYOBI and for the project, my husband used his RYOBI tile saw, band saw and fixed base router.  If you are interested in the DIY plans for our exact island, please send us an e-mail at or click over to our recent blog post here. 

This special piece is something I will always cherish knowing how hard my husband worked on it. It complements the kitchen design so well. We topped the island with the same Carrara 3 in. x 6 in. Honed Marble Wall Tile from Jeffrey Court which really tied the space together. 

If you aren’t interested in building your own custom island, you may consider searching for one at vintage markets, antique stores, and online shopping resources such as The Bella Cottage.


As always, thanks for following along on our renovation journey. I hope you found these tips helpful for adding French charm to your own kitchen. I would love to hear your thoughts below!


This week is also our third judging session! We would LOVE for you to visit Jeffrey Court's Renovation Challenge landing page to vote for us. Look for Maison de Mings - you can only enter once per week. 

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Next week we will be sharing the complete reveal of our kitchen - stay tuned!! 




This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.

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