Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge - Blog Post 4 "Overcoming Renovation Challenges"

Have you ever been in the middle of a renovation and felt like you hit a roadblock? Everything is moving along just fine and you are so close to being done, but then the next phase just seems out of reach? We have been there... many times!

Here are a few tips I learned along the way for overcoming renovation challenges.

  1. Refer back to your “design board” often

  2. Build a contingency plan

  3. Keep your budget top of mind

As we were working on our kitchen renovation, we couldn’t wait to get our appliances installed, new countertops and farmhouse sink plumbed. Once that was done though, the next step was to paint our cabinet doors.

All along, I had no doubt this was something we could DIY ourselves, but y’all life set in and weeks went by.

Although our kitchen wasn’t “pretty” it was functional and I just couldn't squeeze in the time to get the cabinets done. It was a project that loomed over me for too long. You see, everyone had told me it would take days (and it did), and it just never felt like a good time to start.

I kept referring back to my original design board and finally a few weeks before hosting our daughter’s second birthday I started considering options to complete this project. As part of our “contingency plan,” we always knew outsourcing was an option. I made a few calls locally and the “sticker shock” was enough for me to muster up the courage to stick with our original plan and DIY our cabinet doors. As noted above, when you face a renovation challenge, you always want to keep budget top of mind.

We had already hand painted our cabinets and the doors were the last step. For several nights after our girls went to bed I stayed up until wee hours of the morning cleaning, sanding, prepping, and priming our 52 cabinet doors. Yes - FIFTY-TWO!

Thankfully it was slow season for my dad (who is a local farmer) so he helped with the actual painting process.

We used my HomeRight Finishing Sprayer and it made the process such a breeze! The prep-work took a few days, but the painting was done within hours. We let the paint cure for 24 hours and then I took on the task of re-installing all the doors.

We were so happy with the results and at this point in the renovation process our kitchen finally started to feel finished. While this phase of the renovation took the longest, some of life’s most valuable lessons were re-enforced. In the midst of this project, I had failed to recognize that it is always better to tackle the biggest task ahead of you first (the one you are most likely to procrastinate on if you don’t do something about it). Looking back, I should have tackled the cabinet door project as soon as our renovations started and reviewed our contingency plan then. I think that would have forced me to DIY the cabinet doors earlier on in the process and I wouldn't have been left with the project looming over me for weeks.

Next week, I will be sharing more about our finishing touches and how to add charm to any kitchen.


This week is also our second judging session! We would LOVE for you to visit Jeffrey Court's Renovation Challenge landing page to vote for us. Look for Maison de Mings - you can only enter once per week. 

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