House Full of Peonies

My grandma always had a large peony plant growing up and every year I remember waiting for it to bloom. Those delicate and beautiful pink blooms always smelled devine and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Peonies remind me of my childhood and have been my favorite flower for as long as I can remember. 

Peonies don’t last long in Southern Illinois, but we are fortunate to have a local peony farm that offers fresh cut flowers and peony roots for purchase in late summer.

Due to COVID-19, the fields of Peony Hill Farm are closed to the public this year. I’m so glad we were able to take our girls to the farm last year and have Stephanie Susie Photography capture these precious moments! (***If you are local and don’t know Stephanie  - you should! She’s such a talented and creative photographer!)

Thankfully, I have also been able to purchase peony roots the last few years from Peony Hill Farm. It is a great option to plant your own and enjoy for years to come.   When we purchased our home it was such a surprise to learn that there were also two HUGE peony plants that must have been here for years!! 


Last week we had a freeze warning so I cut all the stems that were ready just to be safe. We have an entire house full of peonies now 😃 This Farmhouse sink of peonies is from one plant - I even gave two bouquets away that aren’t pictured! 

Aren’t they stunning? I wish the season lasted longer and the plants bloomed more than once, but that is part of the reason why peonies are so special! Did you know peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor? Peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Peonies are so elegant and make any tablescape or fresh bouquet. For a French Country look above, I used a French vintage confit pot as the vessel. 

A simple, clear Ball mason jar works perfectly as well! I want to enjoy these beautiful blooms as much as possible so they are scattered throughout our house! Peonies in the bedroom, yes please!!! 

If you don’t have your own peony plant, now is the time to be checking local stores, flower farms and farmers markets to see if they have fresh blooms. If your state is like ours, it may be difficult to find them this year, but you can always purchase a peony plant like the ones available here or get on the list to purchase peony roots from Peony Hill Farm 😊

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! If you snag some fresh peonies for your home, tag me! I would love to see them 🌸💗





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