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Do you collect vintage copper or cook with it in your kitchen? I've been collecting vintage copper for quite some time and I love displaying it in our kitchen. I've only recently came to recognize the health benefits of cooking with copper though. Not only is copper the perfect heat conductor, it offers anti-bacterial properties, keeps the digestive system healthy, helps in weight loss and promotes healthy skin. 

When I was at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago earlier this year, I had the pleasure to connect with Sara Dahmen. She is the designer of House Copper cookware. When walking by her booth, I was drawn to all her amazing copper pieces... including her vintage reproductions!

Not only does Sara hand-drill, rivet, hand-tin and polish each of your wares, she is also an apprentice tinsmith to a master smith where she works weekly with tools from the 1700 and 1800's to recreate vintage reproductions of tin and copper. - House Copper 

Sara is the only woman making copper cookware...and she's pretty much a rockstar!! I highly recommend following her on Instagram and YouTube

When we met, we discussed vintage copper and I was so excited to learn that she actually accepts copper pieces for restoration! While I love collecting copper, alot of my vintage finds are not in the best shape and definitely not usable in the kitchen. One special piece I dreamed of restoring was my copper pitcher find from a flea market in Florida. 



While many restorers wouldn't take on a project like this, Sara was willing to bring it back to life! Sara said the process required several extra steps to put it together, but she wasn't afraid of the challenge. She shared the process of hammering out dents in her blog post here. See below for some progress images. 

Progress images provided by House Copper 

Sara was kind enough to also share a video of the repair work on my copper pitcher! 

Overall, Sara did an AMAZING job and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. She repaired the pitcher so it is useable and also made a new handle for it. 



I loved working with Sara and have such a deep appreciation for her work after seeing how much goes into the restoration process.

As mentioned earlier, Sara is the only woman making copper cookware. I love supporting women in business and Sara is clearly paving her own way! You can shop her new products here.

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog. I hope you found a deeper appreciation for coppersmiths and will check out Sara's work! 





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