HomeRight Collaboration - Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I'm so excited to share about our kitchen cabinet makeover and collaboration with HomeRight! 

Have you ever tackled a kitchen renovation? It's exhausting... and expensive to say the least! Painting our existing cabinets was a low cost way to update the look of the kitchen so that we could spend more on other areas.  

Here's a before of the kitchen:

I apologize for not having a better "before" photo. As you can tell above, we were all excited to get into our new home and I was busy chasing two little ones. :) 

This gives you an idea of how dark the kitchen was though with the dark walls, dark oak cabinets and maroon countertops.  My husband and I loved how the kitchen opened up into the next room and we agreed that we needed to lighten the space up a bit.

Thank goodness for paint! We selected Intense White by Benjamin Moore for the wall color and painted the wood plank ceiling and trim in Simply White by Benjamin Moore. For the cabinets, I selected Benjamin Moore's Advance Paint in White Dove. 

The kitchen renovation has been by far our biggest project and is still on going. Prior to moving in, we removed the cabinet doors (all 52 of them) and I primed and painted the cabinets by hand. I knew I would need several consecutive days in a row to devote to painting the cabinet doors so that project kept getting pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. I'm not going to lie, after painting everything in our house (walls, ceilings, trim, doors, etc), painting 52 cabinet doors was not something I was looking forward to. Not to mention... several family members warned against painting our cabinets and said we would regret it. 

Finally, the weekend before Mother's Day, I carved out some time to begin the cabinet door project. By carving out time... I mean I stayed up until 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. a few nights in a row working after our girls had gone to sleep.  My husband and I had agreed that the cabinet painting would be "my project" as he was busy finishing up other areas of the home. 

I began the cabinet project by doing a thorough cleaning and light sanding of the front and back of each of the 52 cabinets. I then used mineral spirits to help clean the cabinets again once sanding was complete.  

At first, I used a small brush and smooth roller to apply both the primer and paint. 

Within a few days, I was able to prime both sides of the cabinets and paint the backside.

Lucky for me, my dad (a farmer) got rained out so he was able to come to the rescue and help me finish the cabinets by using my HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer. 

What an amazing product! My dad has painted a lot of things over the years and even he was impressed with how beautifully the paint applied. Click here to purchase. 

We ended up spraying another coat of primer on the front of the cabinets before adding the Benjamin Moore Advance Paint in White Dove.  Although the ground was wet from all the previous rain, we had a beautiful sunny day with the prefect amount of wind to help the cabinets dry quickly. We took a risk and let the cabinets dry outside in between coats. 

After the final coat, we brought all the cabinets back inside and I let them dry and cure for about 4 days prior to re-installing. 

As a I mentioned, we still have some work to do in the kitchen, but painting the cabinet doors and getting them re-installed has made such a difference. I LOVE how much lighter the kitchen feels now!! If you are considering painting your cabinets, I recommend you do your own research, but go for it!! It truly transformed this entire space! 

Special thank you to HomeRight for collaborating and helping us with our kitchen cabinet makeover! 

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog and following along on our renovation journey.





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  • Such a huge difference!!! It’s so gorgeous!

    Shamara Latham

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