Garden Planning

"I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter's tough, but spring's coming. I believe that there's a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better." --Steve Southerland

Have you started dreaming of spring yet? We've been in our home nearly two years now and this spring we have a few new plans for our outdoor spaces. At the top of our list is starting a garden. As with our hobby farm, we plan to start small. We have the perfect little spot and our preparations actually started last year.

This area of our property is where our farm shed is located and there is plenty of room to start a small garden. I've created a Garden board on Pinterest to save ideas for inspiration. Winter is the perfect time to plan and dream and I've been doing just that! We plan to add some limestone, raised garden beds, walkway and possibly a small fence to enclose the garden area. Can you see it?

Last year you may remember when we gave our farm shed a makeover. We used our favorite sprayer (the Wagner Control Pro 130) which made this project a breeze. I'm so glad we tackled this project last year so we would have a blank slate for garden planning.

This space had been empty for a number of months, but over the weekend I took a few garden related things out there and I'm loving how it is coming together!

This spring, I would love to add a potting station and additional seating. My goal is to create a space the girls and I can spend mornings working together.

Just outside of the farm shed, we plan to have three raised stone beds with a variety fruits, herbs and vegetables. I would also like to start a grape vine and a small flower patch.

I've also been dreaming of a small lavender patch since we purchased our home. We've had success with growing multiple varieties of lavender over the past few years so I will be transplanting some and as well as ordering new. It does surprisingly well with our soil type. My husband (who has a farming background) will be helping me plant and grow the lavender. We aren't sure if we will line the walkway with lavender or have a few rows off to the side. I'm hoping to get several cuttings and dry it inside of our farm shed.

Conveniently, our farm animals will be located right beside our future garden which will easily allow me to use their manure to fertilize our garden. We have Olde English "Babydoll" Southdown sheep, Pekin ducks and a llama.

Did you know that llama manure is often used as a potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous-rich organic fertilizer in gardens and flowerbeds? Unlike fertilizer sprays and sticks, llama manure is earthy-friendly, and reduces the carbon footprint by recycling a part of nature. It is also odor-free :) 

If we do enclose our garden area, I would love to add a little door which would allow our ducks to access it.

I've read they might nibble on our lettuce, but they shouldn't make a mess of the garden. The ducks would provide valuable plant food via their manure and feathers. Did you know worms find molted feathers delicious, pulling them into their holes as they consume them? Our ducks would also be great to help catch bugs and fight pests!

I hope this glimpse into our future garden plans gives you some ideas as you are planning for spring. I would love to hear about projects you have in mind below!

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing our future hobby farm plans :) Stay tuned!!

Au revoir,


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