French Soaps

Since as early as the ninth century, master soap makers in Marseille have created exquisite, gentle soaps using native olive oils and the alkaline ash from marine plants of the Mediterranean. The soap above is authentically French and contains 72% vegetable oils with no animal additives. 

I first fell in love with French soap when we visited Provence nearly 7 years ago. Since then, I've never been without it in my home. My family uses it daily and I love displaying it in our kitchen and bathrooms.

Anytime I share a photo of my kitchen on Instagram, the most asked question is always, "Where did you find your soap?" Truth be told, a lot of the larger 72% vegetable oil soaps are from our most recent trip to France. One resource to purchase these is Savon de Marseille

There are also a lot of options to purchase French soaps through the United States with reasonable shipping. Another favorite that I use daily are classic French soaps by Pré de Provence. Traditional French soap is triple-milled to produce a completely uniform and smooth soap, without impurities, thus lasting longer. Their Lavender Soap Bar is my all time FAVORITE! 

I also love the Marseille Soap by Pré de Provence.  This soap is a tad smaller than the 72% vegetable oil version, but is an excellent price point! 

Another French company I love is L'Occitane. My husband and I had the privilege to visit their headquarters in Manosque, France this year.

L'Occitane en Provence, commonly known as L'Occitane, is an international retailer of body, face, fragrances and home products.

If you have sensitive skin, you will love their Shea Butter "Extra Gentle" soap in Verbena. 

I hope you found this list of French soaps helpful. If you purchase one, be sure to tag me on Instagram




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