Faux Olive Tree Tutorial

I'm so excited to be sharing this DIY with you. To be honest, when I had the idea to make my own olive tree, I wasn't sure it would turn out. I couldn't bring myself to buy one online though (many are over $100 and upwards of $300) so I figured it was worth giving it a try. After sharing in my Instagram stories, several of you requested a full blog post, so here you go :) 
Nearly all my products came from Hobby Lobby. A few I used I normally keep on hand, but I've included a shop-able links below.  This is not sponsored, but I wanted to make it easy for you - simply click on the photo to go right to the product on Hobby Lobby's website. 
Please note - it's best to wait until the floral stems are 50% at Hobby Lobby for this project!!  I used (4) Olive Leaf Sprays and (2) Olive Leaf Bunches. 

Other supplies included:

  • Tree branch (6' branch from our backyard)
  • Wire cutter
  • Scissors 
  • Dowel rod (stained) 
  • Planter (mine is vintage)

DIY Process:

To get started, I used my floral tape to attach the olive leaf sprays to each arm of my large branch. I liked the simplicity of using only the sprays, but decided to keep going and cut off sections of my olive bushes (using my wire cutter) and add those as well.

I didn't have a method for placing the stems, just went with what I thought looked good. About half way through I found my branch getting heavy so I prepped my planter to secure the branch. I added all my foam and extra craft paper to the planter so the base was nice and secure. I then placed the dowel rod into the foam and used my floral wire to attach my branch to the dowel rod. This allowed me to step back and look at the tree - hand's free. 

To finish, I added a few more olive leaf cuttings and the moss over the top of the foam and paper. Within about 45 minutes - I had a beautiful faux olive tree for under $30!! I feel like it looks so realistic since I utilized a real branch. 

If you make your own faux olive tree, please tag me on Instagram!! Click here to follow me there if you aren't already :) 

As always, thanks for following along and supporting this dream of mine. I love sharing DIY projects with you and hope you found this tutorial helpful!!




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