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Hobby Farm Update!

Did you know we have a farm cat and she had kittens?? To be honest, I've never had a cat in my life... I grew up afraid of them and was allergic. This past winter though, this siamese beauty showed up at the farm and has been with us ever since. Have you ever had a pet pick you? We actually thought she belonged to our neighbor, but after checking, there was no question as to whether or not we would adopt her. Our oldest named her Blueberry. She has always been friendly and low maintenance. She doesn't bother our other farm animals and has been a welcomed addition. 

A few months ago, we knew she was gaining weight and my husband was certain she was pregnant. Luckily the day she gave birth he was home. I had been out early to feed her and when she didn't want to eat I knew something was up. Within a few hours she became the proud mama of 5 beautiful baby kittens. For the last 6 weeks, they have lived in our heated workshop. They are healthy, happy and have been a welcome distraction during this stay at home order.

We plan to keep two of the kittens and give the others to friends. Let me introduce you! 

Pierre is one we are keeping. He has beautiful coloring and isn't the most friendly, but loves our girls.

Next up is my husband's favorite - Putin. He doesn't like anyone and hides when we walk in the door. If we are ever missing a kitten - it's him. 

The rest, we haven't named. Since they are going to new homes, we want to let the new owners name them. They are still nursing so it will probably be a few more weeks until they are ready. We are providing soft kitten food and they are pretty much litter trained although they will most likely all be outdoor cats.

In their own way, they are all so beautiful!! Look at the face of the last one :) Who knew I would learn to love kittens so much?! I think living on a hobby farm does that to you. I never grew up with animals, but I'm glad our girls will. They love helping feed and checking in on the kittens. Holding them is a favorite activity they will soon miss when the kittens are outside and the others are gone. 

As always, thanks for following along! We have two more additions planned for 2020 that I can't wait to share with you in a month or so! 



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