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Have y'all seen the new "Explore More" products from Dollar General? We live in a very rural area and I'm so glad to see that DG is now carrying a variety of affordable home decor items!

Now, I will caution you... not all DG's offer the "Explore More" products so be sure to check if your local store does here.

I couldn't wait to share a few of my recent finds that I am loving for spring with you! 

I love looking through the Old Farmer's Almanac and I also picked up a few seed packets for this year's garden. The lambs ear stems were only $1 each. I'm planning to make a DIY herb drying rack and until I have some real herbs to dry, I'll use my faux stems for inspiration :) 

Another find was this amazing basket for $10! It pairs perfectly with our French-inspired aesthetics and I've got the perfect DIY idea for it in mind as well. 

To me, DG offers the same quality as Target or Homegoods, but at a much lower price point!! I don't know how DG does it, but take advantage while they do! :)

A few other finds included a medium-sized faux fern and glass canister - both under $10! 


Unfortunately, several of the "Explore More" items are only offered in-store so I am unable to link some of items for you. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to look for though! 

If you can't get to your store, check out my favorite online finds below. You won't believe the prices!!


If it has been awhile since you've visited your local Dollar General - now is the time! They truly have some of the best (inexpensive) home decor for spring! I can't wait to see your finds - be sure to tag me at @maisondemings. 

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