DIY Vanity and Copper Sink

This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are our own. 

If you've been following along, you know that our breezeway renovation has been an on going project. When we first moved in, we started by removing the carpet and having the floors ground down to reveal the original concrete.

Throughout the winter months, we use our breezeway to store our flowers and herbs. It is heated and even has water access. We've lived with the space "as-is" for a while, but we kept coming back to the idea of adding a small garden sink.  With the onset of COVID-19, we were sold on the idea of having a sink outside our main home to wash up before heading inside. We felt like adding the sink would be the first big step toward our overall vision for the space. Here is our inspiration board. 

To bring the garden sink vision to life, we partnered with Osborne Wood Products and Sinkology. When we were renovating our kitchen we worked with these two amazing companies. Our farm sink from Sinkology is a staple in our French Farmhouse kitchen and our custom island was made with products from Osborne. Our island actually served as the inspiration for this DIY vanity. We wanted to re-create the look of our custom island, but on a smaller scale.

For this project, we decided to go with the St. Simons Fluted Kitchen Island Posts (4) and the Petite Acanthus Leaf Corbels (8) both in hard maple from Osborne Wood Products.

The intricate details and beautiful carvings of these products gave our DIY vanity a lot of architectural interest.

Osborne Wood Products has been so generous to offer all of my readers a special discount of 10% off using code "MAISON10." 

To create the frame, we also used some basic 1x4 inch boards from The Home Depot.

We used a chop saw to cut the boards down to our desired width. After doing a quick dry fit to determine brace spacing, overall dimension, and the width of the perimeter boards, we assembled the frame using pocket screws (via a Kreg jig) and Locktite wood glue.


After the perimeter was installed, bracing was added  to provide even support for the weight of the countertop.

The corbels were then attached using basic 1” wood screws at the center of the leg’s top.

To complete the DIY vanity, we applied the finish. We like to use a Minwax mixture of equal parts Fruitwood and Provincial.

We looked at a variety of countertop options, but ended up using a local company to source a soapstone remnant.
Remnants tend to be less expensive if you can find the correct dimensions. We wanted more of a raw edge, but since the countertop company forgot that detail, we were able to achieve the look using a small chisel. 

We love all things copper so the Copernicus Copper Sink from Sinkology was an obvious choice. The vessel sink, part of the DISCOVER Collection from Sinkology, was perfect for our DIY vanity.

Here's what Sinkology had to say about this particular product:

"As vessel sinks are a callback to a time before indoor plumbing, when all sinks were basin-style, this style accentuates with faux side handles. One can easily imagine life on a frontier farm, where the basin is filled and carried inside by the handles to be placed on the farm table. Capture that heritage in your bathroom with this inspired copper sink." 

It is definitely the focal point of the design and I love the Old World look!  

If you have any specific questions on this DIY project, please e-mail us directly at As always, thank you for stopping by the blog and following along on our renovation journey!! 



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