DIY French Inspired Baker's Rack


This French Inspired Baker's Rack is one of my FAVORITE pieces in our home! Last February, I sketched out the design and gave my husband the dimensions and he helped me bring it to life.

It's a timeless piece that transitions between the seasons, but I've got to say... I think I love it most for fall and COPPER! If you missed my fall home tour, it is live on IGTV

Supplies Needed:

  • Electric chop saw 
  • Electric drill 
  • 5/16 inch wood bit 
  • 3/8 inch forstner bit
  • Brad nailer and nails 
  • Wood glue
  • (16) 16 penny nails  
  • (3) 8 foot pine 2x2 inch boards 
  • (8) 3 foot pine 1x2 inch boards  
  • (13) 4 foot pine 3/8 inch dowel rod
  • Optional: Set of 4 Solid Brass Stem Casters


Step 1: Measure and cut materials to size using an electric chop saw. 

  • Cut (8) 2x2 inch pine into 11 inch pieces for depth
  • Cut (4) 2x2 inch pine into 48 inch tall posts for main frame 
  • Cut (8) 1x2 inch pine into 8 pieces measuring 36 inches in length
  • Cut (13) 4 foot pine dowel rods into 12 inch pieces (we used 13 dowel rods per level, so 52 total) 

Step 2: Marking measurements 

On the 36 inch length 1/2 inch pine boards, use a chalk line to mark the center line lengthwise (end to end); also mark the true center at 18 inch. You’ll use this later to determine where to mark your measurements and drill holes with 3/8 inch Forstner bit for dowel rods. 

Step 3: Framing the front and back section

Start by measuring up on the bottom of the 48 inch corner sections, making a mark at 15 inches from the bottom, then 12 inches three more times for the placement of each shelf level.  

Center a 36 inch 1x2 board on the first bottom mark you made and attach it to the corner post with wood glue and two brad nails. Repeat process for both sides.

Step 4: Drill dowel rod holes 

Using the center mark at 18 inches, drill a forstner hole around 1/4 inches deep.  Make marks every 3 inches from the center and repeat process on both sides.

We found the installation of these rods to be the most challenging part of this project, so you may consider shooting brad nails into one side of the rack to keep the rods in place as you install other side.

Step 5:  Attach the sides

Attach 2x2x11 inch pieces atop the shelf boards by drilling a pilot hole on the front of the rack, then securing with wood glue and a nail.

Align the dowel rods as you go and make sure they sit securely in their holes and are straight.

Step 6: Caster installation and finish 

Install casters per manufacturer instructions. With the rack securely constructed, finish in your choice of paint or stain. Be sure to allow adequate drying time before moving indoors. Style and enjoy!

If you make your own DIY French Inspired Baker's Rack, be sure to tag me at @maisondemings so I can share!! 





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  • I have wanted one for a very long time. Thank you for the instructions! This is a project I can tackle!

  • Gorgeous rack! What is the stain color you used? Thank you for sharing!


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