DIY Copper Lantern


This time of year, I love adding copper and wood tones to my decor. This easy DIY combines both with a touch of French farmhouse style! 

Crafted of wood and copper finish, this lantern exudes beauty and charm with a timeworn look. In less than 30 minutes with this DIY, you’ll have a beautiful lantern like no other. The copper top and wooden frame sets this DIY apart from ordinary lanterns. 

Designed to resemble historic lanterns, this can be styled for maximum versatility. Add your favorite flameless or LED candles and display the lantern for a stunning addition to your console or tabletop vignette. 

The beauty of this DIY is that it will flawlessly transition with each season with class and charm. Add flowers and other accent decor items for an entirely different look.  

This easy DIY could also be used as a centerpiece for a rustic wedding, outdoor party or any other occasion. 

Supplies Needed:

DIY Steps:

Once you have all materials, this DIY should take less than 30 minutes to create. 

Start by using measuring tape to mark a cut line on the 5’ 1x2 at every 15” with a pencil. Next, use miter saw to cut 1x2’s down to the four equally marked 15” pieces. 

Once all your pieces are cut to size and level, use your drill to attach the square wood plaque to the four 1x2’s with your 1” screws. Ensure square wood plaque will sit with the beveled side up - that is where you will attach the 1x2’s and screw from the bottom. 

Tip: To help screws go in more easily, consider using a drill bit to make a pilot hole. 

After 1x2’s are secure, set the copper post top in place and use wood glue to secure the sides. Allow at least 10 minutes for wood glue to dry. 

Next, stain the lantern. I prefer to use a 50:50 mixture of Minwax fruitwood and provincial. 

If you plan to take lantern outdoors, I would also recommend sealing the piece with Minwax matte polycrylic. This type of finish is clear and fast-drying. 

Once your lantern is assembled and stained, you are ready to style! 

Additional DIY Ideas: 

For a modern or industrial look, consider painting the wood matte black. If your style lends itself more towards cottage or shabby chic, consider chalk painting or white washing the wood. Both options would complement the copper top. As with any DIY, you get to be the designer - be creative!  

Shown in the styled image with the DIY copper lantern, the wood shelf and gardening table are both recent DIY builds! For more easy tutorials and home decor styling, be sure to check out more on Pinterest!


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  • This looks very doable. One question: Is there another piece of square wood under the copper top?

    Sue Jones

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