Decor Capsule How-To

Many of you know, we’ve moved 5 times in 5 years. We’ve also had two kids, changed careers, started Maison de Mings and renovated our home. To say we’ve been busy is an understatement :) 

With each move, I found the need to purge and minimize as much “stuff” as possible. This has included everything from clothes to home decor. When things have been stored for more than a year, you pretty much know you can live without it. 

As we started living with less, I noticed the biggest change happening in my heart. I realized that happiness, contentment, and joy come from within—not from stuff or external circumstances. 

I’m sure everyone has heard of a capsule wardrobe. With the changing of the seasons, I started thinking about our decor and realized that over the years I have created my own “decor capsule” without even being truly intentional about it. Now that we are in our new home (with no more moves in sight), I want to be more intentional and continue to keep only a small collection of decor that will easily mix and match with each season. 

I feel like a decor capsule can be anything you want it to be though. You can design your capsule to span the entire year, or have one for each season. I have found that I tend to use the same decor base and build from there with each season.  For example, I love using both faux and dried florals for every season - they are just so versatile and a great base. I'm using the boxwood and dried florals for my Fall tablescape below, but they could easily be used for any other season too.  

Before starting a "decor capsule," finding your style and owning it is KEY. As we’ve been renovating and designing our home, I’ve tried to keep our tagline for Maison de Mings in mind… “American Heritage, Provencal Elegance.” That pretty much sums up what inspires us and our style. 

Today I wanted to share the process I go through each season and how I think about the “decor capsule” that I have created.  

Step 1: Identify Your Decor Base 

Begin by pulling your favorite decor pieces together.  Keep the minimalist principle  "less is more" in mind. I have found a “decor base” quickly becomes visible. For me, this tends to include artificial or dried florals, collectables and vintage finds. 

Here are a few examples of my decor bases: 

  • Eucalyptus
  • Ironstone
  • Copper 
  • Vintage books

Once I’ve identified my “decor base,” I either donate or sell the items that don’t fit. While I have been pretty successful with selling items on Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms, I realize that isn't for everyone. My best recommendation is to get anything that doesn't fall within your “decor base” out of your house as quickly as possible whether you sell or donate. Be intentional. Don’t let your storage areas become re-cluttered with decor you no longer love or barely use. 

Step 2: Take Stock & Refine Seasonal Decor 

Much like we identified a “decor base” above, I go though the same process with my seasonal decor. I pull out everything for that season, take stock and begin refining. 

  • Do I love it? 
  • Is anything broken or worn out? 
  • Have I accumulated too much? 
  • Do I have leftover decorations that no longer fit within my color scheme? 

I keep the things I love and everything else goes. Seasonal decor can be difficult to re-sale, but you can always donate! 

Step 3: Consider the Season

As I’m considering my seasonal design for each space, I know I have my “decor base” to start with. This reduces decision fatigue as I’m able to get started and mix in my favorite decor on-hand for the current season. For example, in this photo, I have incorporated several “base” items - copper, vintage pieces, collectables and boxwood wreaths.

The only seasonal additions were a few artificial pumpkins that I had from prior years. 

TIP: Even if you reuse the same decor year-to-year that doesn't mean you have to decorate the same. That's where design and creativity comes in. Shop your home and pull in "decor bases" from other areas. You'll be surprised how you can transform a space without spending a penny! 

Step 4: Complete your Decor Capsule 

Now that you’ve identified your decor base and refined your seasonal decor, you will be left with a (hopefully) small list of items you need to buy to complete your “decor capsule.” These may include a few staples or investment items that you plan to use across seasons or each year. For example, I barely had any Fall decor, but this year I knew I wanted to add a few more artificial pumpkins rather than purchasing real ones. I can use the artificial ones each year and even paint if my style changes. 

Operating within a decor capsule reduces decision fatigue because it leaves only decor you really love that works interchangeably in each season. Rather than heading out to the shops and just buying the first thing you ‘think’ you like, you are buying with purpose. You won’t buy anything you don’t need and you’ll save money. Win, win!

I hope this Decor Capsule How-To has been helpful. Leave me a comment below if you also find yourself incorporating the same "decor base" with each season.

As always, thanks for following along!




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