Cleaning Copper

One of my top questions anytime I share our pantry is how I clean my copper collection. My mom, sister and I all collect copper and one of our favorite pastimes is going to antique stores together. I used to shy away from well-worn copper pieces, but not anymore! I love finding dingy copper for a song and bringing it back to life. I've tried several methods, but Bar Keepers Friend is the best when it comes to cleaning.

My mom found this pan at a local antique store. As you can see, it was scratched and very worn. 


I was up for the challenge to bring it back to life and quickly grabbed my Bar Keepers Friend. I prefer the powder product, but you can also use the spray. 


To begin cleaning, add a small amount of water to the powder to form a paste. Grab your favorite brush or dish cloth and lightly scrub. 


Within seconds you will start to see the beautiful copper coming through.

 Depending on how worn your piece is, you may have to work for several minutes to bring out the true copper shine. With troublesome spots, I recommend using a small dish cloth or soft kitchen tool to work the area directly. Keep applying small amounts of Bar Keepers Friend and refresh your paste. Instead of continuously working, you may also let the paste "sit" on the troublesome spots and come back to it later. 

I am always amazed how this product truly brings copper back to life! It looks absolutely brand new. 


Copper is GREAT in the kitchen. If you have a vintage piece, I have no doubt that it is still usable! Thrift stores, antique shops and garage sales are a great place to find well-worn pieces for a song.

Copper lasts forever and is an excellent conductor of heat. Not to mention beautiful. A few of my favorite sources for copper (refinished and new) are Sertodo Copper, Coppermill Kitchen, and House Copper. Sertodo Copper has so many beautiful copper cookware pieces - you simply can't beat the quality! 

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