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With the changing of the seasons, do you ever feel the "itch to switch" some of your spaces? I have found the easiest way to update a room on a budget is by swapping out the decor. For spring, I usually like to add in some cool blue or pink tones. We've never had a rug in our bedroom, but when Home Dynamix reached out about collaborating, I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Just look at this gorgeous rug! It ended up complementing our paining by my favorite artist, DeAnn, and I love how it brought out the gold finishes in the room as well. 
A few things to note about this specific rug from Home Dynamix:
  1. When the rug arrives, it will be wrapped in heavy plastic. We ended up letting our rug sit (unrolled) for a few days to allow time for it to adjust to the room and lay flat. I think that's pretty standard with any new rug. 
  2. Do you ever try the "pinch-and-pull test" on new rugs? I demonstrated in Instagram stories, but when I pulled on the rug, no fibers or hairs came out. So why does this matter? This test proved to me the rug is woven very well and won't shed over time.
  3. The color in person is a bit different than online. In person, the rug has some light pink and deep purple accents (with I actually love). For spring, this ended up being a perfect way to add a bit of color without overwhelming the space.
It's amazing how much more cozy this room feels now! If you are interested in this specific rug, click on the photo below. We have the 9'x7' in our bedroom.

If this rug doesn't fit your style, Home Dynamix has plenty of other options. Some of my other favorites are below.
I hope this gives you some ideas to update a space on a budget. You don't always have to purchase new either - sometimes just swapping rugs or decor from different rooms can also make a space feel new. As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!
This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.  

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  • I love it all! The rug, the painting and the angle of your bed!! Gorgeous!!!

    Shamara Latham

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