Baby Chicks

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You guys! We added baby chicks to the farm! We had been planning for months to get chickens this spring, but the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 confirmed our decision. Anyone else planning a victory garden and looking for ways to become more self-sustaining? 🙋🏻‍

We partnered with Tarter USA to use their beautiful copper planter as a brooder.

Did you know their planters come in copper?! I love Tarter and copper so it was a match made in heaven. The best part? It’s large enough to give our chicks plenty of room and deep enough that they can’t fly out.

When we are finished using it as a brooder it is going outside to our new garden area! Not only do I love the color of the planter, it also has a drain that can be opened - great for cleaning and a must for a planter.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the copper planter! It’s heavy duty and built to last with no sharp edges. You could use as a brooder, planter, livestock waterer, cooler, storage, or display - the options are endless! 

As for the baby chicks, we started with a few from our local Rural King and ordered a few other breeds from Meyer Hatchery. You know we love our ducks from them and I knew we wanted chickens from Meyer Hatchery as well. You can’t beat their customer service! Their ordering process is easy and our shipment was delivered seamlessly (even with COVID-19). 

We’ve found that caring for baby chicks is MUCH easier than compared to our ducklings. They aren’t as messy and are relatively low maintenance.

At Meyer Hatchery, we selected a variety of friendly breeds that will produce colorful eggs.

Our order included:

  • Lavender Orpingtons 

  • Easter Eggers

  • Blue Copper Marans 

  • Buff Brahma Standard 

  • Olive Eggers

If you are considering adding chickens, I would encourage you to look at Meyer Hatchery’s website. They now offer a low minimum order of just 3 chicks! Really though, how could you only get three 😉 Your order will come in their brand new box with free grogel! It’s a great time to place and order!

We look forward to getting our chickens in their coop and watching them grow. You simply can’t beat farm fresh eggs! 

As always, thank you for following along! 


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