French Inspired Barn with The Home Depot

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If you have been following along for very long, you know we love anything and everything to do with French Farmhouse style! As we have been working through the years on DIY projects around our home, our goal has always been to bring a bit of France to our country life.

This winter, there was one makeover that we knew would make an impactful change to our property: our barn!! We have a small hobby farm and started our first vegetable garden last year. For years, we have dreamed of making over our barn interior and exterior to better complement our main home. We are so honored to have partnered with The Home Depot to fulfill the vision for our barn. 

Here is an original before photo of our barn, which was very...basic (and not at all our style). We are all about working with what you have though. There’s nothing a little hard work and DIY can’t improve. 

When we started our hobby farm, we added a lean to on the existing barn for shelter as shown HERE. After living with the barn for a few years, we knew we wanted to elevate the look of it with more of a "Charming French Inspired" feel. 


When it came to designing this outdoor space, we wanted it to be functional...and pretty! We glean a lot of inspiration from the French countryside in Provence and having a creative space for gardening and farm related materials was key. 

The Home Depot has so many options when it comes to DIY. The materials needed for this project were actually delivered to us! Do you want to shop all these items from our French Inspired barn makeover? Visit the landing page where you can find all of the items we used to update this outdoor space with! (French doors, barn metal, pegboard, cupola, pergola, faux cedar trees, urns, and paint sprayer can all be found here.)

We have received several inquiries about how we painted the interior of our barn.  For the full tutorial, visit our blog post HERE

Our barn now seems to exude a relaxed French countryside vibe which was exactly what we had in mind. It's a quiet, creative space with our farm animals just outside. 

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  • I love what y’all have done to that little barn! Do you think grandma’s old chicken coop can be revived? 🤪 You’ve given me hope! 😂


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